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It is very important to us to build a relationship of trust with our affiliates. Trust is the key word in this branch. By offering monthly payouts and a fair commission structure, promoting Affini will never be a gambling matter!

How to raise commissions

If a player signs up with FruityReels, and it was sent to us by your promotions, your affiliate number will be permanently attached to this players' account. You will receive a commission on the net profit generated by all the players with your affiliate number. This means that your profits should grow each month, while you add more players to your own 'player pool'.

A commission on a 'net profit' base, means that you get a percentage of the profit that is generated by players that are registered with your affiliate number. Net profit is added when a player wagers an amount of money in a game, and is subtracted with deposit costs and the winnings of a player in a game. Deposit costs differ by type.

Commission plan

Another advantage is that actions that run well will bring you a higher commission fast. At monthly pace lists, the netto profit is more skimmed off and the chance that you will fall back to a lower commission because of a good running promotion is a lot bigger.

Netto profit per month Percentage
€0 - €1000 25%
€1000 - €5000 30%
€5000 - €10000 35%
€10000+ 40%

If you still have questions regarding the commissions don't hesitate to contact us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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